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We are a martial arts club based in Luxembourg who practices a martial art known as Medieval Armoured Combat or HMB. Contrary to medieval combat which you see on medieval markets and such events, we do take this as a serious sport and you will see many elements from other martial arts, like Muay Thai, Kickboxing or Krav Maga in our techniques and trainings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

So what exactly is this sport?

We call this sport Medieval Armoured Combat. It is an actual martial art sports devloped in countries like Russia, Belarus and Ukraine during the last decades. The idea is basically a combat sport, like MMA, but with the extra weight of armour and weapons.

There are currently about 35 countries worldwide who practice it and Luxembourg is since 2012 part of it.

Is it expensive?

Yes and no.

Yes, if you want to fight on a world championship as a good armour costs at least 1500€ and is custom built to your dimensions. And this does not include weapons and travel costs.

No, if you plan to get started with the sport and don’t need an armour immediately (which you can get a lot cheaper second hand). 
The padded training equipment (Helmet, Sword, Shield, etc) are not that expensive. (Basic kit is at around 150€)

What are the rules?

The rules depend largely on the federation and modes. 

There are roughly 3 combat types: Duels: where you get points for each hit you can land on an opponent.

Profights: Which is basically MMA in armour, where you also get points, but you can use things like takedowns, kicks, punches and wrestling as well as your weapon

Bohurt: This is a group fight, for example 5vs5, 10vs10 or 16vs16 (or even more) where your aim is to get every opponent onto the ground with your team having at least one fighter standing at the end of it.

How can I participate?

Just give us a heads-up and join us on one of our training sessions.
We hold them each Thursday in Saeul, Luxembourg, from 19-21:00 

We are currently in talks in getting a second official training date.

If you come: bring your sport clothes and shoes and try it out. 

You are in fact entitled to 4 free training sessions 

Who can participate?

This is a sport for everybody, both women and men, young and old.

It is a physically demanding sport, but don’t worry if you aren’t fit yet as our training includes a good part of buildup fitness.

On international tournaments you also have a women’s league. On local tournaments, the groups are even mixed. This is not a “mens only” sport.

For the younger ones (less than 18 years old) there are even leagues in “Soft Combat” which is basically the gear we use at training.

Isn't it all just roleplay?

Not at all 😉 

In fact we couldn’t be more different from the knights you see at medieval markets and other such events. Whereas they do living history and try to depict and relive what the medieval period was like, we are a pure sportsclub.

Our equipment is based on historical elements, but is sport-optimized. Our armours are specialy hardened steel, has hidden protections and we don’t pretend to be knights like in ye olde days.

We are athletes and fighters.


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